+40 735 553 100

+40 735 553 100

Description of the activity conducted

The association was founded in 2021, by the three associates:

  • Andrei Bontidean – President
  • Alexandru Bontidean – Vice President
  • Mihaela Claudia Petrea – Secretary

The idea for this project arose both from the devastating explosion in Beirut and the pandemic context that the whole of humanity has just gone through, and from the desire to help as many people as possible to benefit from free specialized medical services.

Among the people who will benefit from the medical services covered by this project, there are children in immediate need of air/ground medical transport to a clinic in the country or abroad, people affected by disasters, missing persons, people in a critical health condition and, last but not least, people involved in collective accidents. All services are internationally accessible and cover situations with a large number of victims.


We want to make a significant contribution to worldwide medicine. We want to stop seeing parents in Romania desperate that they do not have the financial possibility to transport their children abroad for various investigations and medical operations.

We want to stop losing the lives of Romanian children due to lack of money. Our mission is to save these lives and more. Our project also includes the formation of a medical disaster response team, ready at any time to intervene anywhere in the world.

We want to be able to help as many people in danger as possible, to help as many children as possible to get where they can get another chance at life, in decent transport conditions, both for small patients and for their families, to clinics worldwide. We want to build a bridge between our children and more developed clinics abroad.


The association aims to expand the action plan to several medical niches, out of the desire to help as many people in danger as possible.

At the same time, this project creates new jobs in the Tesa department, the other services are offered voluntarily by affiliated members.